Securius Newsletter

November 30, 2005
Volume 6, Number 3

Welcome to the Edge

GuardianEdge By Seth Ross

Welcome to the edge. If you're getting this newsletter, then you've probably been here for a while.

What "edge" am I referring to?

The edge of the computing infrastructure, outside the tightly controlled environment of the data center, where data on thinly protected client devices is exposed to a wide universe of threats.

The company that puts out this newsletter is now GuardianEdge Technologies Inc. GuardianEdge is the encryption software spin-off from PC Guardian, which has been making and selling anti-theft devices since 1984.

PC Guardian and its anti-theft products can be found at

GuardianEdge can be found at

The name change announcement can be found in a press release here: Tech_to_Become_GuardianEdge.html

We choose the name "GuardianEdge" as a signifier of our mission to protect the edges of the corporate and government IT infrastructure — client devices like laptops, desktops, and PDA's — with strong encryption software.

We've made other changes as well. We raised our first round of venture capital last spring: Technologies_Announces_6_Million_in_First_Round_Funding.html

We've established company headquarters in the South-of-Market neighborhood of San Francisco, closer to customers, job candidates, and critical Internet and physical infrastructure -- including the San Francisco Giants ball park. We occupy the top floor of a modernized railroad freight warehouse that is readily accessible by plane, train, automobile, and ferry. See the photo at and the San Francisco Business Times story at

Additionally, we've opened new offices in San Rafael, California,

Williamsburg, Virginia, and the Washington DC area.

We continue to build out our team — we're actively recruiting technical and business staff. See and be sure to mention Securius if you apply.

The Securius Newsletter, now in its sixth year of publication, is the security awareness extension of GuardianEdge's protective mission. Here readers will find what they've always found: topical essays that explore the edges of computer security; blunt assessments of current computer security problems along with proposed solutions; computer security book reviews; notes from the field, and coverage of leading security events like the RSA Conference.

Please note that none of the contact details for Securius have changed. Complete contact information along with subscribe/unsubscribe information is — as always — presented in the newsletter's footer.

The next issue will be sent out shortly. 'Til then, keep your guard up!


Seth Ross is the Chief Security Officer at GuardianEdge
Technologies and author of the book, _UNIX System Security Tools_
(McGraw-Hill 1999).

The Securius Newsletter is published by GuardianEdge Technologies. Please visit us at


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